My Ticking Time Bomb

Or When I Became Ok with God's Will by Kari Roman Schererville, IN Brain aneurysm…some call it “The Ticking Time Bomb.” God saved me from that bomb! My grandma, my first cousin, and my precious sister all died from brain aneurysms. I call these three women “my angels”! My sister died September 27, 2005, [...]

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Bitter Fruit

by Anonymous Genesis 3:1  ". . .Yea, hath God said, Ye shall not eat of every tree of the garden?" Satan had learned from his experience that he was not powerful enough to defeat God. But he was longing for vengeance after his humiliating defeat in heaven. So, he settled for trying to wound [...]

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Consider the Faces

by Missy Shook Missionary, Thailand Our family had the privilege of going to the field fully supported by our sending church for our first term. We are now traveling on deputation raising support so that we can return to Thailand and our ministries there. Having already worked on the field, we have obtained a [...]

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We Can Pray

By Glorianne Gibbs If ever there were a perfect verse to describe the Christian Womanhood magazine, Proverbs 27:17 is it! Each article is written (it seems) directly to my heart and helps me immeasurably. I look forward to reading each issue and always come away blessed for having done so. Even the articles on rearing young [...]

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The Hand That Rocks the Cradle Rules the World

My mother-in -law, Mrs. Helen Norris, is a wonderful example of what a true Christian lady should be. Her consistent and dedicated walk with the Lord has allowed her and my father-in-law to successfully rear her family for God. All of our family has especially benefited from her exceptional prayer life. She begins each day with [...]

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The $20 Bill (Helps for the Hurting)

By Tammy Chisgar Pastor's Wife Rutherford County Baptist Church Smyrna, Tennessee A wise woman held up a twenty dollar bill and asked the class if they wanted to have it, and every hand rose, including mine. Next she crumpled it up and asked us again, “Who would like to have this?” Now we were [...]

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Fifteen Minutes Can Make a Difference

by Rebecca Robinson, Heritage Baptist Church, Albany, Georgia In 2013, My husband and I were celebrating our fifteenth anniversary at Heritage Baptist Church in Albany, Georgia. My husband decided to celebrate the whole year. He challenged the church to pray 15 extra minutes each day. We made lists containing different things to pray for concerning each [...]

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